JPEG/JFIF file format specification?

Like the Q title says, I want the official specs for jpg files. I want it in electronic form, as file/url/email, not a book recommendation. It should specify the general structure rules, the marker values (like FF D8 is SOI, FF E0 is APP0,...) and the corresponding record definitions,... everything.
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kuk010998Author Commented:
Sounds like 'bingo!'. However, this server is currently not answering. Got a copy?
Yes. Just give me your e-mail.
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kuk010998Author Commented:
Just took a while - sorry, I already knew the file you liked, and it only describes an extension to the format I am seeking - it instructs you to include one or two specially formatted APP0 markers in your jpg, I cite:
"The JPEG File Interchange Format is entirely compatible with the standard JPEG
interchange format;  the only additional requirement is the mandatory presence of the
APP0 marker right after the SOI marker..."
It does not even define the value of APP0 (FF E0)...
This site has what you need:

Ciao, Mike

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kuk010998Author Commented:
Yup. That does it (I expect - now where to get GhostScript from - no way I'm going to copy that 5MB ps file to my laser). An 'A' for introducing me to that good (as opposed to evil) site alone.
:-) thanks, I haven't found yet a better site regarding 2D and 3D file formats than Wotsit's...

Ciao, Mike
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