FAT32 and NT 4.0

Hello experts!
I want to install NT 4.0 additionally to Win95. However my version of 95 uses FAT32, which NT doesn't support. I tried FIPS (freeware for nondestructive repartition) but it doesn't work with FAT32 either. Is there a (freeware-) propgram that solves my problem?

Thanx in advance  
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I believe that you could look at www.systeminternals.com.
TeslaAuthor Commented:
I can't find the server. Coul'd you please check the link?
The boot partition MUST be Fat16 for the bootloader to work.

That url listed is actually:
The program is fat32 for NT but can't be be used on the boot partition.

Another option is use the the linux boot loader LILO that can be run form a floppy disk but unless you know much about linux, i wouldn't suggest using this as the config is hard.

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TeslaAuthor Commented:
Fortunately I have some knowledge of linux, but I still have the problem of repartitioning my disk without destroying the data on it...
I don't think there is other freeware capable of this operation.

Is the fat32 drive over 2.1 gig?
Even using a commercial program like partition magic asks to move files to make a 2.1 gig drive.

Perhaps backing up the win95 partiton files then using fdisk is the only way to get a fat16 boot partiton.

There are no other freeware applications that will do it but, if you can get a friend who owns Partition Magic to lend you his repair disk you can use that for this purpose.
There is no freeware for this that I would trust.  

Use Partition Magic to move the FAT32 partition to the right so that you can then create a 2 GB FAT16 partition at the beginning of the drive for the NT install.  

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