NT Boot partition

How can you install NT 4.0 on a partition larger than 4GB?
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ggilmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't. On installation, NT formats the primary partition in Fat-16 which has a 4 GB limit. Later it may convert to NTFS for you, which can handle more than 4GB at a time but you don't have a choice about the initial Fat-16. You can install on another partition, other than the primary, and this should get you more than 4 GB but I doubt this is what you are looking for and the primary partion will still be 4 GB.
Get ServerMagic from POWERQUEST and you can convert this
initial partiton to as large a NTFS Partiton as you desire.

Previously this was impossible using Partition Magic, so
Powerquest developed ServerMagic tp perform this operation.

ServerMagic will also enlarge previously unenlargeable
NETWARE Partitons.
You can have the disk previously formatted in NTFS at 7.5 GB or smaller. Any larger and yoyu have potential problems with the BIOS accessing boot files (the bios can only access 7.5GB). Therefore your boot filoes must be in the first 7.5 GB of physical disk sapce. If NT is in a partiton other than the first be sure that the total of all partitons before and including NT do not exceed 7.5 GB.
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