Looking for dll, and usage

My app accesses a file.  I would like the user to be able to modify the file, by either typing it into a textbox, or pushing a "Browse..." button.  The button should call the dll that many Microsoft applications use to allow you specify which file to open.

What is the name of this dll, what parms do I provide it and what does it return?  (I have no manuals for this info.)
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Is this a text file? You may be able to use the common file dialog to get the name and then a Shell command to open it in Notepad (or your specific text editor).

Don't have manuals...do you have the help files? Also, what version of VB?
tlaksAuthor Commented:
This is version VB 6.0
The help files are slow massive and confusing, but I checked there first and could not find help that would walk me through my dll.
I probably am looking for the common file dialog.  The program will read and process the file.  All I need is the dll, syntax, and what it returns.

Private Sub mnuFileOpen_Click ()
   ' CancelError is True.
   On Error GoTo ErrHandler
   ' Set filters.
   CommonDialog1.Filter = "All Files (*.*)|*.*|Text _
   Files (*.txt)|*.txt|Batch Files (*.bat)|*.bat"
   ' Specify default filter.
   CommonDialog1.FilterIndex = 2

   ' Display the Open dialog box.
   ' Call the open file procedure.
   OpenFile (CommonDialog1.FileName)
   Exit Sub

' User pressed Cancel button.
   Exit Sub
End Sub


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tlaksAuthor Commented:
Yes.  This is to the mark what I needed.
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