Outlook client cannot login to Exchange. No Permissions

Hello All,
Have an interesting problem wondering if any of you can lend a hand. I am running Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000. Until yesterday I could start Outlook and check my mailbox on the server. (No local PST all on server). Then all of a sudden I get the following error when I start Outlook.
"Unable to open default email folders. You do not have permission to logon."

This is a Win98 workstation by the way. AND I have admin rights to the network.
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joebeeAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
He he....this is not that hard as it might seem to be.

First of all you need to make sure that you log on the computer with the account that is bound to the email acount in Exchange server.

This is done in Exchange Admin.

When you have made sure that you log in correctly to your machine you can try to check your mail.

If it still wont work you might want to make sure that the "Exchange Server" service is installed and configured properly on your client.

If it still wont work you might have some other problems with your rights and make sure to check the Exchange Server with the admin program to make sure you have the proper rights to administer the server and so on.

You should actually only have to go through the settings or maybe read some documentation over how to install and configure Exchange and you should be all set....


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By just looking at the Properties of the Outlook icone you will see that the account on the exchange server is not yours.
Change it and it will work. (This happened to me yesterday)
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