Install Nt Server on a 9Gb SCSI HD

How can i install Windows NT4 Server on a blank 9,1 Gb SCSI3 HD ?

I have an error about >1024 cylinders.

My SCSI card is a Tekram 390 U2B

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Ignore the error if the primary partition is under 4 gig's and just install the software.  If the primary is over 4 gig's then repartition it to 4 gig's or under and there shouldn't be an issue.
arnaudgAuthor Commented:
I have already Partioned it.
I made one partition of 2Gb FAT16 with DOS.
Is your scsii card on the HCL. I've error messages like this because on incompatable hardware.
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Check your SCSI cards BIOS. Many of them will have an over 1024 cylinders option that you have to enable.

arnaudgAuthor Commented:
Int13 is enabled
over 1 Gb Drive is enabled

The motherboard is an abit BP6 with 2xCeleron400A (66). I have tried with one proc.

Please Help me !!!!!!
This is a known problem with NT.

You can check this article from the knowledgebase for details.

I haven't found Microsoft's workarounds to be at all helpful.  What I end up doing is using a 4.3 gb SCSI drive for the first half of setup (the portion using the floppies), at which point I use the "Ghost" program to transfer all the data to the drive I will be using.  You just have to watch the partition sizes in Ghost and everything works out.


There is 2 points to resolve here:
1- NT don't support hard discs > 8 Gb even SP4 installed.
2- for boot partitions NT need a limit of 1024 cyl.

The safest solition is:
1- format a FAT16 boot partition (2 Gb) and install NT.
2- Install SP4 (or above)
4- create a NTFS partition for the rest of your disc.

You can also format your entire disc with using another small, temporary disc:
- first install a temporary NT in a small (1-2 Gb) disc
- create a big NTFS pertition and format it
remove the temporary disc from your system and reinstall NT (from setup Flopy discs)
- immediately install SP4 or above

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arnaudgAuthor Commented:
Well, I found an answer by myself.

- Boot with an Win98 Install Disk
- Fdisk
- 2 partions: 150MO and 2047MO fat16
- Format 2 partitions
- Boot with an Win98 Install Disk
- %CDDRIVE%\i386\winnt /b to install the temp files for NT
- Reboot with The 3 Install Disk for NT
- Install WINNT repertory on D: after a NTFS format of the second partition (2047MO)
- Bypass the Screen about 1024 Cylinders
- Standard NT Install


- Start the Disk Manager from NT Format the rest of the HD (beware of the boot.ini modif)

Thanx to all.
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