Modem Speed!!

I Setup my PPP conecction with my ISP.. it works fine but .. speed is too slow.. i have a 33.6K modem .. and first i setup the connection with 115200 but it was very slow .. I change it to 57600 and is slow to less but very slow ...I am getting Pings... that has 100000 ms ... in sites that usualy with windows pings.. i get 200 - 300 ms
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IF the speed of you motherboard bus is 66MHz or slower, you want to us a connection speed of 38400.  The connection speed is between the modem and the pc.  115200 won't work with slow ISA modems and motherboards, at least this has been my experience.
sorry shimko, but the bus clock has nothing to do with modem speed or other peripherial hardware (except the bus itself).

also all newer boards have I/O chips which support connections for (at least!) 115200 bps.

culichi, try having a look at what the connection script for pppd prints in your message log-file. do this by issuing "tail -n 70 /var/log/messages", as soon as you are connected.

this will output you the last 70 messages written to the main log file. there should be a line with the AT printou "CONNECT 56400" or something like that. the connect string will tell you the connection speed established between the two modems.
I agree with gunny !

But, instead of using "tail -n ...", try using "tail -f /var/log/messages", this allows you to see what happens "live" ... it will output the messages when they happens ...
Well, I guess I'll have to post a question.  Sorry about the misinformation.
Look at the interrupt for the serial port You are using, if You have an internal modem, YOu should set this right...
use setserial -a /dev/ttySx with x is the number of the port You use...
You can set it with setserial /dev/ttySx irq y
with y is the real IRQ Your modem uses

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