DHCP license renewal?

We are using DHCP, our current configuration is set for client leases to be "unlimited". Based on what I have read in the help file, the client's IP would only be released & reassigned if the computer were to move from one subnet to another. Is this a correct understanding?

Also, is there any sort of log file that shows how long a specific computer has been assigned a specific IP?

Thanks in advance,
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atroxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You understand correctly. Even in instances when you need long lease times it is still desirable to set some expiration.  Such as 30 days.  That way addresses go back to the pool if clients do not return.  Also since DHCP clients attempt renewal at 50% of lease expiration, they will never have an expiration problem and traffic will be minimal.

You can view the log inside the DHCP directory (I dont have an NT box in front of me, but from memory it is

The logs used to be in one file until you cleaned it up.  I believe SP4 and later creates a new file each day or week.  Either way, its all in there including lease info and error messages.
You might find that the address will not be released even it you change sub-net.  You may have to manually release the address with "ipconfig /release" and then "ipconfig /renew"
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