error message

I keep getting an error message stating 'a fatal exception of 0e has occurred at 015f:bff9dba7.  the current application with be terminated.

what to do?
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First thing you can do is tell us what the current application is, and what you were doing when the error occurs. Does it always happen at the same spot in the program?

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If it does, do a thorough scandisk right away.
nobrainAuthor Commented:
The error occurs when I'm printing or typing in word or sometime when i'm on the internet.  it's really never happens in the same spot. I lock up and the error appears.
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Wait a minute! Why have you accepted my initial comment as an answer? It asks for some preliminary information; it doesn't answer anything yet. Do you still want to try to get this resolved, or is that your way of making a graceful exit?
nobrainAuthor Commented:
I want the question answered if possible.  I need help.  this is the first time I ever did this and I guess I was a little confused.
I thought that might be the case. Don't worry about being confused. Most everyone who steps into Experts Exhange has some initial confusion. Just remember to be as complete and as accurate as possible in your descriptions and responses to our questions. We have to depend on you for everything we are going to know about your problem.

Do you always see the same error message? Is the address (015f:bff9dba7 in your initial question) always the same? When did the problem start happening? Can you remember it you had installed something else just prior to this problem showing up?

It would help if we knew something about your computer. How old is it? How big is the hard drive and how much space is left on the drive? How much RAM is in the computer?

Can you tell u
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