correct modem

how do I find out which modem will fit in my compaq computer? I bought a 56k from boca research but it will not fit
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By "fit" you probably mean the slots sizes you have in your computer. The old standard was ISA. Here you had actually two different sizes, 8 and 16 bit. An 8 bit card would fit into a sixteen bit slot but not the other way around. If your computer is old, you will probably have only ISA slots, 1 or 2 8 bit and the rest 16. The newer type of slot is called PCI. These are faster than ISA slots. Normally they can be differentiated because they are usually shorter white slots. More recent computers have mostly PCI slots with a couple of ISA for compatability. From what I've read though, the ISA may not exist muchlonger. The only other slots I can think of right now are MCA-Microchannel but these are somewhat rare and found only in machines made by IBM, specifically PS-2s. Two other types are AGP and VESA-Local bus but these are used only for video cards. If you have a Microchannel computer, good luck at finding any parts.
Now that you have the background of what you are looking for, first try your motherboard manual. That should tell you which will fit. Also, look inside the computer. Even though you may have a couple of ISA slots, if they are all full you can't use them. As I said, normally you have a combination of PCI and ISA slots. The PCI are generally shorter and white in color. Of course, if my assumption is right about only PCI/ISA slots and the one you have doesn't fit, you can use the other.
Of course, if you don't have any free slots you can now go with a USB modem.

Also, while we're on the subject of purchasing a modem, don't get a "win" modem. They tie up some of your cpu time and don't perform as well.

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Buy an external modem.
It will "fit" with all PCs.
glineAuthor Commented:
you are right it is an older computer
thanks for the time. I think next time I buy any hardware I'LL go back to the shop I bought the computer from.
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