Whats the difference b/w a socket 370 and a super socket 370 motherboard?

Whats the difference b/w a socket 370 and a super socket 370 motherboard? I have a socket 370 motherboard and am told that a GeForce will not run currently on a super socket 370 maybe due to some video card bios problems. I am concerned about this as I am about to purchase one.
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There is no such thing as a Super Socket 370 motherboard.  What you may be thinking of is Super Socket 7, SS7 has had some strange problems with certain AGP video cards in the past, I wouldn't doubt that is the situation right now.

Basically, for you, pretty much anything that will work with a P2 will work for you.  I run a Slot1 Pentium2 motherboard with a Slot1 to Socket370 adapter, that makes it almost the same as how a true socket 370 would be (except that the s370 would be soldered to the motherboard instead of the Slot1).  I am pretty sure that Intel didn't flaw the chipsets used for Socket370 CPUs (I mean the odd chipsets like the ZX and 810) because, Intel plans to move totally over to Socket370 eventually.

The only problem you may have is if you have a Socket370 board that uses a chipset made by like Via Technologies, even if you do though, I doubt you'd have any problems.

So, to make a long staory short, there should be no reason why it wouldn't work.

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sandman97289Author Commented:
Thanx, I think that you are right. I must have missread what the review had to say about the super socket7 board.
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