Mount:Can't find dev/fd0

When I try to access my floppy drive, I get : Could not mount.  Mount:can't find dev/fd0 in etc/fstab or mtab.  I am currently running Red Hat 6.0 with gnome and kde.  Also, how can I access the floppy when I am a user?
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to mount try this. frist for one time only you have to have a floppy directroy. So type mkdir floppy.
Then type mount /dev/fd0 /floppy

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to access the FD as a user, make sure the "user" directive
is on the floppy drive entry in the file  /etc/fstab

/dev/fd0  /floppy  auto    noauto,user  0 0

I like the /floppy as a mount point, but the default location is /mnt/floppy

In either case, as laeuchli said, the directory must exist.
Hey there.

I had a similar problem. First make the mount point dir (the point where Linux will put the files that are on the floppy) For example, /mnt/floppy - it may already be there- check it out in GNOME under LinuxConf > local drives.

I then exited GNOME and was at the command line as root. Then I mounted the floppy as a msdos type first instead of the ext2 (didn't have a Linux formated disk - chicken&egg)

To mount I typed:  mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
and make sure YOU HAVE A DISKETTE IN THE DRIVE (I had an IBM formated -ie msdos)

The floppy drive engages for a few seconds. It should be mounted. I then went back into GNOME, went to LinuxConfig > local drives - and sure enough the floppy was mounted - hot damn!!

Next, You'll need to format a floppy for use with Linux - In GNOME look under the main menu for the KDE options - there is one that says something about floppy. select the ext2 type instead of msdos - press ok. bingo you are ready to role!!!

Good luck,

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