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24bit to 256

1. My screen is set to 24bit color.
2. Using print screen, I copied a picture of an application and then pasted it onto PAINT.
3. The number of colors in the picture is only about 10.
4. I  saved the picture from PAINT into a bmp file with 256 color.
5. Unfortunately the colors were changed. Can I do that without changing the color?
6. Does 256 color means some standard colors set by the computer or the max number of colors the user can design?
1 Solution
Before pasting into your new image you should be able to set the image mode:

RGB - 16 mil

Index -256 colors


Sorry, I blew MSPaint away long time ago so not sure but take a look.
24 bit to 8 bit(256colors): the computer will covert your original colors to the closest match from the 256 color palette
learnAuthor Commented:
To spiderlegs:

No, I can not find amy where to set the nunber of colors.....that is why I choose color when in save as.
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yupe... the color is set to a standard (256)... let's say you only use 16 color but... the RGB values doesn't match the standard (ie: 255,0,0 for solid red, but you use 250,0,0 or 250,10,0 for the color red) it will be automatically changed to the nearest value of the RGB standard for 256 color. Of course it will give a bit difference to the color. If you don't understand this.. please try saving it in 256 color mode and 24bit color mode. As i know, the 24bit color setting doesn't have anything to do with your problem. It's just a matter of the colors used by the picture itself
This is the way the mode conversion work:
so you have a (255, 50, 0) for moderate red in your logo.  fine, you convert this to 256 mode, which means it finds the closest match for these values.  make it 255, 0, 0.
then the screen, which is 24 bit color, wouldn't have any problem displaying the converted 255, 0, 0, neither for 255, 50, 0.  
but since it is converted to 255, 0, 0.  there, you blow it, the screen modulator shoots 255, 0, 0.
that's how your color changes.
save the image in jpeg format, it's more compact anyway, and more color infos inside
learnAuthor Commented:
To Ithuriel :

Thank you very much for your help.

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