What is difference between CDRW and CDR (use data mode and not close session) ?

What is difference between CDRW and CDR? If i use between CDR by data mode and not close session AND CDRW,What is difference?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CD-R - CD _R_ecordable.  These disks are WRITE ONCE and once written, the data is not modifiable.

CD-RW - CD _R_ead/_W_rite.  These disks can be erased and re-recorded many times.

It is possible on many CD-R drives and software to leave a disk "open" and record more information after the end of the last previously written data.  This will give the impression of read/write but it is not.  It's just appending new data at the end and writing a new disk table of contents in a reserved area.  When the data or table of contents fills up, no more data can be written.
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