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I am using a cable modem. And, my ISP will dynamically assign the ip address for my PC. Currently I have configured a fixed ip address. If my ISP change my ip address again, I will not be able to access the internet. How do I overcome this ?
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jeremyj111399Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using an Xserver, then type startx at the prompt to start you xserver.  Once in X, open a terminal window, and type netcfg.  This will launch a cool utility designed for configuring your network card.  Select your ethernet card and click on the deactivate button.  You may see two listings in the window even if you only have one ethernet adapter.  Usually the bottom listing is for you network connection while the top listing is probably listed as localhost.  So click on the bottom one, and then click on the edit button, which will bring up another window.  In this smaller window,there is a pulldown menu at the bottom.  Select DHCP.  I believe there is also a button near the top fo the window that needs to be selected as well.  Click the save button, and then the quit button which will close the smaller window.  It is best if you are connected to the Internet while doing this becuase once you click save, Linux looks for a DHCP server.  If you're not connected to the 'net, you have to wait for it to timeout, which will take a few seconds.  Now you should still see the netcfg window open.  Select your ethernet card again and click on teh activate button.  Then click save, and quit.
terencebehAuthor Commented:
Thanks. It is working now.
terencebehAuthor Commented:
ooops. It is not working after I reboot. Any idea what happen ? Or what I have missed out ?

What about the configuration in linuxconf ? Name server ? default gateway ?
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