Customer MousePointer Irritation!

Hi all,

I use a Custom MousePointer for a FlexGrid control in my app. This is fine except when a Timer control is enabled (which flashes the text in the active cell). In this case, there is an annoying flicker to the mousepointer.

This is only the case when the MousePointer is set to Custom since my icon is not, of course, intrinsic to the Flex Grid. Can the flicker be removed somehow?

I have tinkered with the AutoRedraw property of the Flex Grid but (as i expected) this was a crap idea!
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Erick37Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I just did a little test and realized that if you use an ICON or .ico file the flicker exists (in textbox).  However if you use a CURSOR or .cur file, no flicker.  Give it a try.
TheRedGuyAuthor Commented:
That'll do!
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