email attachment with embedded image files

I received a text file (Mail[3].txt)that I need to decompress.  When I look at it with QuickView (w'98)I get the following explanation for the attachments:

  UUEncoded file Child=IBM.sea
  UUEncoded file Childrens=Mac.sea

There are several other file explanations similar to these. I can't seem to get at the files wih anything I have, which is almost nothing.  What can I do to get the images so I can print them.  

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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ahh ,
i found a program that can decode uuencoded email files:

its free too btw .
Regards Barry
you want to get the images using delphi?

or is this a general computer question?
how do you get the mail..outlook etc can decode uuencoded messages..
rdavis092597Author Commented:
I didn't realize I was in the Delphi Programming area until it was too late.  My question has to do with email I received that had an attachment with the above named files. How can I get them out of there?  I was looking for a group on compression or email and really don't know how I ended up in the Delphi area :-(
you can delete this question and re-ask it by going to main screen:
and finding most appropriate group..probably windows98 or general computers group to get fast response as im sure someone there will know the answer.
tell tthem in the question how you recieved the email (ie via outlook or msexchange etc)
note :
there is also a group for outllok if thats what you use.
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