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Making the program "shut down" computer.

I've seen this happen before in a program, and I was wondering if there's a way to do it in VB 6, or if it can only happen in another language, or what. I've got a program that is going to pretend to wipe out the user's computer, and then eventually pretend to shut it down on them. I would like the program to be able to have a mind of it's own, and totally eliminate the user portion of this whole thing. One ability that I would like to have is to make the program press the start button, make it as though the button is held down, scroll up to a certain part of the menu, and then back down to "Shut Down...", at which point the program selects this option. Next, the screen will copy exactly what windows looks like as it is doing it's own little QueryUnLoad type of event, where it asks the user if they really want to shut down, shut down, log on as a different user, etc.... I'm talking having the background darken and everything, just like the real thing.
On the shut down box, I'd also like to eliminate the options that are on there and insert my own, as part of the joke. Once this is all said and done, I'd also like the program to select one of the options and then press the OK button and "shut down" the computer.
Is any of this possible through VB 6.0? I've thought about it for about a month and a half now (not constantly! I've also been making a game, a WebBrowser, and a chat engine while working on this....), and I can't exactly think of what to do for this to work. Also, please use some REM statements in the code because although I'm definitely not a beginner in VB, I'm not an expert, either.
1 Solution
Build the screens yourself.

Capture the desktop as a bitmap, then show it in a window without borders maximized.

You can turn off the mouse pointer by using the following:

    Screen.MouseIcon = NoPointer.Icon
    Screen.MousePointer = 99

where NoPointer.Icon is a "blank" icon.

Then you can put your own pointer on the screen using a transparent bitmap.

HOWTO: Capture and Print the Screen, a Form, or any Window

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