A good template for a sliced up image...

When I attempt to allow fireworks 2 or ulead photoimpact to create an HTML page with my image in tables, I can't add much content to the page because the tables grow larger and spread the images apart!  HELP!  My image consists of a  top header and blends down the left side of the page to create a menu of options.  I created it as one image and slice it up....
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pkammConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must either set the cell sizes in the table to a fixed value for both width and height (change from Auto or Percentage to Pixel value) and then do column spans and/or row spans to create a larger space for your other content, or you can simply put your other content outside of the table in which the sliced image resides.

Either way, you'll want to fix the values of the cells to prevent the sliced image from separating from its parts. Also, you'll want to make sure that cell padding, cell spacing, and border are all set to 0 (zero).

Some HTML editor software will do this for you (e.g., Adobe GoLive). Also, I have had much better results using Adobe ImageReady than Fireworks.

Good luck.
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