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Install Linux over the hardisk that haven't ni partition...

Currently my PC running Windows 98...
and i would like to install the Linux 5.2 RedHat I knew that the linux use FAT 16..
And my Hard disk only have 1 partition that is C drive (not D,E,F)....
My question is how to I install the Linux Safely without format the Drive (Win98) and create the hard disk that has the partition that need by the LINUS OS...
Thanks in advance...
1 Solution
If you get the Mandrake version of Linux or one or two others, they come with a special version of patition magic that will re-partition your drive on the fly with losing the data. I just bought Macmillan Deluxe Linux 6.5 and it had specific instructions on installing it on a Windows 98 computer.
RedHat ships with fips ( disk repartitioning utility.)
Use that,  since you already have RedHat.
Ensure that you have enough free space to install Linux though.
While Linux _CAN_ use FAT16.  Don't make it.  Your linux partitons should be ext2 for optimal performance. (ext2 is highly efficient, FAT is not.)

Linux can use more than 1 file system simultaniuosly.
So you can format your linux partition as ext2, and mount your Win98 partition as VFAT and have access to your windows files from Linux.

It doesn't work the other way, though.  Win98 can't do ext2.
jongfAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all that share comments....
Yours suggestion is valuable top me..
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