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X server not connecting

What do io do the X server is not connecting i have no Idea how to get to the graphical interface...HELP!!! I AM A NEWBIE!!!
1 Solution
You need to be more specific.  Did you try to run an X app from the commandline mode, or did you get the error when trying to start XWindows?

Did you configure XWindows sucsessfully at install?  

The command to start the XServer is "startx".

You can boot to it automatically (graphics login screen) by changing your default run-level to 5.

Edit /etc/initab and change



If the error occurs trying to start the server, its a graphics config. problem.  It would help to know a little more about your system.

Not connecting, meant the graphical application (in the latter case the window manager) could not talk to the XServer (the program that actually is allowed to flip bits on the screen) its probably due to the fact that the server is configured for a graphics mode not supported by your hardware.

Are you running RedHat?  RH's XConfigurator (the one used at install) sometimes lets you select a graphics mode that cant be supported.  At the command prompt type XConfigurator, to run it again and select different settings.

I personally prefer XF86Setup to do the video setup, but it's painful for mouse setup (a GUI to configure your GUI - go figure).
A good attack plan is to run XConfigurator and set minimal graphics modes (640x480 8bit almost always runs) and get the mouse working.  Then run XF86Setup to configure the higher res graphics modes.
OtaconAuthor Commented:
Thanx ill try that...

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