How to I make my apache server as a FTP server ?


I am a new apache server user. I would like to know that is there any configure do I have to make my apache as a FTP server ?

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steve265Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Apache is not an FTP server. You need to run an FTP daemon for FTP access to the server. wu-ftp is a very popular program. You can get it from
Or you can go to the site and browse through the FTP daemons.
Apache is only a WEB server program.
edmundliAuthor Commented:
So What you mean in this case, if I have a web server which I have a download area and there is a option that you can choose the file can be downloaded from http or ftp. Ftp will be linked to other server ( ftp services). so, there is no relationship between apache and ftp ?
Am I correct ?
Create a Directory under /home/httpd/html

like download


put your files there and ..

access it
you musn't  create index.htm or index.html in that directory!!
you actually can run it as a FTP server, look in you /home/ftp directory, upload anyfiles into their that you want on the FTP server, also notice that if you run apache, and type ftp://your.ip/ you will see it proving that steve265 is an idiot.

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