How to compile VB program ?

currently i have designed a program, and this program consist of some external applications and control as well, they are flash3/4, active x , and some other control that i almost can find it from vb's component. The question is, i had make an .EXE file for that program, but i found that this EXE program just can run only on my PC (which have the vb file), and can't run on other PC as well, My friends told me that it just because i have dll file,and other needed ocx file in my pc enough for me to run the program. So, can you tell me how to compile the program that i had design, no matter where i run the program? i really need your help, because i found that it's realy uncomfortable for me to present my program that still need VB 5 to open the project and run it! thanks
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longshiAuthor Commented:
if u know how to make it, pls let me know , either giving me the step, recommended program, source code and whatever u think it should !
You will need to make an Install file, going to "Application Setup Wizard", and there you will know what files are necessary for your application to run, and the program (the Application Setup Wizard) will select them automaticaly.
After your creation (an Install file) you can present your program to your friends without any problems.

Hope i had help you.
The setup wizard will analyze your project and build the SETUP.EXE and associated files necessary to install your program on a "cold" system. It is smart enough not to overwrite newer .DLL's and .OCX's on target systems that already have them in place.

It will build the default directory and add your application to the user's Programs menu for you.

The SETUP.LST file controls where things get installed. Once you have built your setup you can edit this file to modify where things get installed.

Once your app has been installed on a given system the .DLL's and such will remain in place. If you modify your program and want to deliver a newer version, only the .EXE file is needed as long as you haven't added any new controls to the project (additional uses of existing controls is ok).

One bug of note. If your project uses the MSCalendar control your SETUP.LST file will contain an error. There will be a reference to a:


that should be


This is a "known bug" and only impacts projects that use that particular control.

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longshiAuthor Commented:
the version of the visual basic 5 that i had install is professional edition, mr/miss koom had given me the solution, but it can't work, when i run thata program, application setup wizard, it display an error message, and terminate my program, my friends told me that i can use the InstallShield to do so, is it true?
The setup wizard is run separately from the programming environment. If you have selected to REBUILD the project and the IDE is open, you'll get errors.

The Setup Wizard should run and is included in the Pro version. If it doesn't run you need to find out *WHY* as you could have a corrupt install.

Yes you can use installshield, but this is extra cost add on and the setup wizard does work well for straight installs.

i know of a program which helps you make an installshield so other people can install your program onto their computer just like programs you buy outside (i.e. winzip, or icq...) .. is this what you're looking for??
installsheild is the perfect setup wizard to use ,

you can use installshield 5.1 , it have a VB5 wizard that will make your setup kit in minuites so easily , but i think it will cost you ( nothing is free , you know )
Why not use the Package and Deployment Wizard? I'm not as familiar with VB 5 as I am with VB 6, but I thought VB 5 had that? Just use that and make a .cab file with all of you controls and goodies packaged up into it. Then when the person opens the .cab file, it has everything your project uses mixed in with it.

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well the wizard in VB6 is a lot better than the one in VB5

the one in vb5 had a lot of problems

if your program is simple you can use the deployment wizard of VB6

but if it more complex, Use Installsheild

BTW the_next_jimi

your answer was a comment of Mark, and others

P&D wizard is only in VB6. In VB5 it is setup wizard.

Other than stated problem with MSCalendar control I've never had a problem with VB5's setup wizard although many complain about it.

the_next_jimi, I agree with Inteqam that it's "bad form" for you to rephrase existing comments and post as answer. Since you're young and newbie I'll forgive. E-E now allows "Grade Comment as Answer" for posters. This means that you should get out of habit of using Answer button at all. This leaves Q open for more a experts to review and if poser likes you're response they can award points directly. Myself, I'm now to the point where I don't post Answers, just Comments unless it's a absolutley trivial Q that I am *certain* I have the "perfect" answer to - not many of them are posted! :-)

Anyway, welcome to E-E!

well your software does not work only on the exe file so u have t0 make vb setup wizard you will have to even add your data base and all the reports if used and also create the dependencies at start

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