Control Panel->Sounds problems

I went into Control Panel->Sounds to change some of my sounds. but when i click on the Preview button to listen to the sound i keep getting the message:
Windows cannot play soundfile.wav. It may be damaged or may not be a valid sound file. Replace the file and try again.

I know there isn't anything wrong with the file because i can play the sound using media player.
any idea why i keep getting this error?

Thanks in advance
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Great, try this:

If you have not upgraded to Microsoft Windows Media Player 6.1, use the
Add/Remove Programs tool to install Microsoft NetShow Player 2.0:
1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click
   Add/Remove Programs.
2. On the Windows Setup tab, click Multimedia, and then click Details.
3. Click to select the Microsoft NetShow Player 2.0 check box, click OK, and
   then click OK.
If you have upgraded to Windows Media Player 6.1, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click
   Add/Remove Programs.
2. On the Windows Setup tab, click Have Disk.
3. Type "<drive>:\windows\inf" (without the quotation marks) in the Copy
   Manufacturer's Files From box, and then click OK (where <drive> is the
   drive letter containing the Windows folder).
4. Click Multimedia, click Details, click to select the Microsoft NetShow Player
   2.0 check box, and then click OK.
5. If you are prompted to keep any existing files, click Yes.
The Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer_3 codec is installed with NetShow. The option to
install NetShow in the Add/Remove Programs tool is removed when you upgrade to
Windows Media Player 6.1.
For additional information about troubleshooting audio problems, please see the
following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   Q136983 No Sound, MMSystem or MCI Errors in Windows 98
   Q141801 Troubleshooting Audio Codecs in Windows 95
   Q133365 Windows 95/98: Troubleshooting Problems with Compressed Audio

Run a virus scan in C:\Windows\Media\ and other sound diectories. Tell us if you find anything.
Have you recently installed win98 secound edition.
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GreatOneAuthor Commented:
the problem seems to come and go. i scanned for viruses and none were found. i have no installed win98SE on my machine either.
Great, give this a try and then test the PC afterwards.

1. Boot into a command prompt only by tapping the F8 key right after the memory post.

2. Change directories to \Windows\Command

3. Now type SCANREG/FIX<enter>

After that finishes, reboot the system and let us know!
Is the sound drive a compressed drive? Also, are there any Yellow(!) in the Devicce manager, or any Red(X) there? If there are, especially on the sound system, let us know!

The device is having sme trouble, but Windows is still tring to use it. An error may have popped up on the screen. The device does not work as well or just plain doesn't work.

The device has been halted by you or Windows. If you did not halt thee device, you have a serious problem such as an interrupt conflict or a virus, even a broken device. Windows cannot use the device, or the device's presence is harmful to Windows. This could be the whole problem, but probably isn't.

If you don't find anything, and the sound drive is not a compressed drive, tell u how much RAM you have as well.

GreatOneAuthor Commented:
i ran scanreg/fix and that didnt solve the problem. my sound drive is not compressed and according to device manager everything is working. my computer has 96 megs of RAM.
Great, do any other sound play other than this one?

It may be a compression problem. Sound played through Control Panel\Sound cannot play compressed files.

GreatOneAuthor Commented:
i can't play any sounds through control panel/sound

i also realized that i think this problem start occurring after installing IE 5.0. could the problem be with IE 5.0?
Okay, there is a IE 5.01 service pack at Winupdate. Try that and then we'll try some other fixes.
GreatOneAuthor Commented:
i installed the update and now my problem is worse. now whenever i load any program that has sound, like AOL or ICQ, it doesn't play those sounds either. any ideas?
It sounds to me as though there is either a problem with a Windows Multimedia file or a sound card driver. So with that, lets to the following to eliminate that possibility.

1. Go into add/remove programs, Windows Setup, Multimedia and uncheck everything in there. Reboot.

2. Next, if your sound card has a specific set of programs for sound, see if it has an uninstaller. If so, run it and uninstall its programs.

3. Go back to add/remove programs, and see if there are any remanants of the sound card programs there and uninstall them there as well. Now remove any of the files and folders for the sound card if there are any.

4. Boot into safemode and go into device manager and remove all of the devices in the Sound category.

5. Now reboot to a command prompt only.

6. Change directories to C:\Windows\Command and type SCANREG/FIX and touch enter. Let scanreg cleanup the registry.

7. Now reboot the system and install your sound card and its drivers along with any of its software that you need, then reboot.

8. Now go back into add/remove programs, windows setup and add back multimedia.

Let me know!

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