How to open and save .DOC file in the RTF Control with original?

I need to have a full source code on how to open .DOC file in the RTF Control without any embedding codes includes to the files. Which means that I use Word to edit a .DOC file and then I use VB RTF control to open it. Later, I still can save the file in VB and open with Word and maintain the originality ? I hope any kindness heart person can help me to solve. Urgent@@@ Thank you!
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mcriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Native Word Doc files are incompatible with the RTF control.  If you want to have Word and RTF control edit the "document", you need to have Word save it as a RTF document.

Beware... the RTF Control does not fully support some RTF functionality that Word supports... For example, adding a frame to a document in Word and then saving it as a RTF document will completely FREEK OUT the RTF Control....

FavouriteAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
I think I have a problem in my project!!
Sorry! I am new to EE and not sure how to post to a particular author.

I have .RTF files and I wish to save them as .Doc files. How can I do it without requiring MS Word?

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