Problem with sound

I have installed linux on my Acer Acros with 75mz pentium.  Everything is fine except I cannot play sounds.  If I boot into Windows95, the sound card works fine.  I believe the sound card is Acer MagicS20 (or is that the driver?) and it is SoundBlaster compatible.  Thanks for your help.
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crouchetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The first thing to try is to run sndconfig as root from the command line. You must NOT have xwindows running when you start sndconfig. If that does not work, tell us about any error messages reported by that program.

J Crouchet
Sound is easier said than done.  I spent the better part of the day yesterday getting my SB AWE64 PnP to work and the next day (today) it doesn't work again.

* Is it plug-and-play ("plug and pray")
* Which SoundBlaster is it compatible with?  Sound Blaster 16?  original?  AWE32/64?
* What kernel are you using?
* Which distribution and version of linux are you using?  (Red Hat 5.1?  Debian 2.1?  Slackware 6?)
* What did you do to test the sound card (i.e. how do you know you can't play sounds)?

Some distributions have utilities that will set up the sound card for you (e.g. Red Hat).  Others will help you but won't do it for you (e.g. Debian), and some don't provide you with any help at all (you get to read a lot of HOWTOs).
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