HP-820CSE won't print; both indicator lights flashing.

Power button light and Resume button light both flash continually; upon pressing the Resume button, the printer power shuts off (at no time does the Print Cartridge Light go on).  When I go to the Toolbox software to test the communication, "two way communication is established" is the result I get, but when I then proceed to do a "Print Test Page" test, I get a message like "communication error".

When I open the top door then turn the printer power button On, what happens is the following:  paper is fed, the print cartridge cradle moves back and forth then settles on the LEFT side of the printer, not the CENTER as it is supposed to, and both the green and amber lights begin flashing; when I press the amber light button, the power goes off.

The HP Owners' Guide doesn't address any of this.

How do I get my printer to work again?

P.S. This problem happened suddenly without any warning (except that the paper feeding mechanism has been goofing up lately; sometimes I have to manually push the top sheet of paper in to get it to feed properly)

P.P.S.  I have already tried uninstalling the driver and associated software and re-installing it and the results are no different than the above mentioned description.
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It sounds as though the ribbon cable has become detached from the carriage. I would check the white cable that goes to the carriage make sure it is secure if you have moved the carriage manually chances are you have detached the cable or if you have grabbed this cable chances are it has become detached.

The other thing that you can check is to make sure that the cartridges are inserted all the way if you have old used up cartridges or brand new ones you may want to try them because the cartridges could be shorted out causing the problem too but from the sounds of it the printer has lost it's home position which is controlled by sensors on the carriage and the cartridge primarily the ribbon cable on the carriage.
I have the same printer and it did this for a while. In my case, it was resolved
by replacing a crappy printer cable with a slightly less crappy cable.

You may also have a hardware problem with the paper transport mechanism, in which case you're looking at replacing the printer unless you happened to purchase an extended warranty - it just isn't worth the cost of repair if it needs servicing.
From what you've described it appears you have the same problem that one of my clients had a couple of weeks ago. I'd say that you probably had a paper jam a while ago, and when you yanked out the paper you started having problems. Maybe not full blown problems at first, but it was a start. What likely happened is that the clutch actuator assembly is in an incorrect position, and you are going to have to help it get back into the right position. HP has good instructions on their web site for how to do this, so I'll just point you in the right direction and wish you luck. Let us know if this works:


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After having to repair at least three of these printer a week I would suggest that you have a logic board problem and it is will be costly if it isn't under warranty
serianjjAuthor Commented:
mscotty, and all the others who submitted comments to my question,

I must reject mscotty's answer because my printer is up and running again and it didn't cost anything more than the time it took to consult this forum.

briancassin:  I checked the ribbon cable and it is intact; the ink cartridges are in place and do not appear to have been disturbed.

zombiwulf:  I have been running this printer for over 3 years and purchased an expensive cable when the unit was new, so it is unlikely that the cable is the source of the problem.  You were correct, however, with the suggestion that I might have a hardware problem with the paper transport mechanism, but the thing wasn't broke beyond repair, only needed some instruction and a little TLC.

bparnes:  Your proposed solution was exactly the correct one; your description that led up to the problem was dead center on target, (although I didn't realize it was I who caused the problem until reading your comment).  After going directly to the HP link you provided and examining my machine compared to their photos of the normal vs abnormal condition, I followed the instructions on their web site and corrected my problem in less than 30 minutes and now my printer runs fine again and my vocabulary is of a kinder gentler nature once again.
Now all that is needed is to assign you the points, so please tell me how to do that, OK?  Thanks again for your expert assistant.
Jim Serianni

serianjjAuthor Commented:
I don't visit this site often and it has changed since last I was here.  I did, however, finally figure out how to award you the points.  Thanks again for your guidance.

Jim Serianni
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