Data Conversion Programs

Are there any recommendations out there pertaining to programs to convert data amongst different formats?  My most common needs would be dbase, foxpro, clipper, access, dataflex and SQL Svr 7.

Thanks for any advice!
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psmith789Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, thanks!
Check out Data Junction at

They offer free trial - and their software has worked very well for me.
ggloverAuthor Commented:
Thanks - just got a copy of the demo, as a matter of fact and it looks good.  The cost is a little steep as I guess I have to buy the Enterprise version if I want to go directly to SQL Server from anything else.  But I suppose I can make it two steps and use DTS.  DTS doesn't seem to know about Dataflex, and Dataflex doesn't seem to have an export feature to anything, so I guess I have to use something like Data Junction.  

Thanks for the info;  I haven't had any other responses yet - do you want to answer?
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