logon passwords for Win98

When you startup Win98 or Win95, the logon box pops up asking you for a password.  I know you can disable that feature so that Windows simply starts up without prompting you for a password or workgroup info., but the solution is escaping me right now.....

What is the solution???
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Find, Files and Folders and search for all files with *.PWL such as mmoline.pwl. Either rename them to .OLD or delete them.

Now reboot the system. When the box comes up, click cancel.

This will preserve the password box for future use, however we can permanently remove it if you wish.

mmolineAuthor Commented:

I want to remove the password box so it doesn't come up at all on startup, please advise..
Okay, follow the above procedure. When the box comes up on the first reboot, do not enter a password, just click cancel.
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