How to add Icon in the tab of CPropertySheet ?


In using a CPropertySheet, i'm adding it CPropertryPage.
I would like to also add an (HICON) icon of 16 x 16 near the text

how can i do this ?

should i have to edit the CTabCtrl * sended by CPropertySheet ? if so , how to ?
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naveenkohliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the following type of code in property page consstructor to add icon to tab.

CMyPage::CMyPage () : CPropertyPage (CMyPage::IDD)
HICON hIcon = AfxGetApp ()->LoadIcon (IDI_MYPAGE_ICON);
ASSERT (hIcon != NULL);
m_psp.hIcon = hIcon;
m_psp.dwFlags &= ~PSP_USEICONID;
m_psp.dwFlags |= PSP_USEHICON;
SkizoWalkerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delay mate :)
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