WebTV not on Win98 CD

I want to install WebTV on my win98 computer using an ATI All-in-wonder-pro tuner card and i want to install webTV to see TV listings ans Wavetop content, but the drivers needed to install WebTV are not on my French win98 install disk...

What should i do???

Hoping you can tell me where to find it online or somewhere else!


note: the driver can be in english, it does not matter to me!
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Okay, first make sure that your All-In-Wonder-Pro is being recognized correctly in your display settings.

Next, click Start, Settings, Control Panel, add/remove programs, then choose Windows setup. It should be at the bottom. BUT CHECK THE ABOVE FIRST! or it will not install correctly.

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njacquesAuthor Commented:

Here is what i got in add/remove / windows setup

MS OUtlook Express
internet tools
system tools
multi-lingual support
online services
desktop themes

My ati card works fine, it is in the device manager and i use all the features (except webtv!)

Hope this helps!
The last item on the list should be WEB TV for Windows.

Which version of Win98 do you have. This is only available on Win98 Second Edition. You can, however, obtain the Win98SE upgrade directly from MS for $20 US.
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njacquesAuthor Commented:
My version of Win98, is 4.10.1998 and the WebTV Driver is not in the Windows Setup...

Could there be an downloadable version somewhere?
The Microsoft version is not downloadable, but there should be a version of ATI's on the CD that you received with the video card. The only place you can get the MS version is on the Win98SE cd rom, either retail, upgrade or MS release that I mentioned above.
Interestingly, I have Win98 Ver 4.10.1998 and WebTV is offered in the Windows setup.  Huh?
Stollery, have you add all of the Win98 updates from the site, including those offered when SE was being released. If you did, the update included it. If not, check the CD rom for the installation files to make sure they are present, or verify that your CD is a retail version, not OEM.
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