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I am complately new to Linux. I have Red Hat 6.0 and I have tried to install it numerous times. The main problem has been with the partitioner FIPS and my drive space. I have a 2.1GB hard drive. With FIPS, I can only get around 50MB on the partition with 1GB free space on my hard drive. Thurthermore, I my drivespace seems to have decreased without a partition. The Kinux CD came with a magazine with instructions but even with these it has been hard to find enough space. I would be very grateful if you could tell me how to fix FIPS with the partition space and also how to get the missing space on my hard drive back with out using my master disk. Thank you very much for your help.
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Not all the free space on your disk can be recoverd as a new partition with fips.  Only the free space at the end of the current partition.  Defragmenting your existing partition first will help alot.  Erasing files that happen to be in the middle, won't.

How much space is missing?  Could this be the 50MB that fips
did free up?  Windows does not list non-dos partitons when calculating disk space. An unformated partiton is lost to the system - until you format it.  The space will appear gon when you do get Linux installed too.  Linux uses a ext2 (non-dos) partitions, so windows ignores them.

You can check with the dos FDISK program on the partiton status, just make sure you don't try to change anything with it.

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