I need a way to change the file modified date in VB6 even if no changes happen to the file Myfile.txt
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"Obtaining and Changing a File's Created, Accessed and Modified Dates"

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Or try a less engineering way.
If it is really a .TXT file try adding a single space at the end and save it. Open it again, eat the space you've just added and save it again.
I think if you just open the file for append and then close it the date will be changed even if no data is added.

FileID = Freefile
OPEN "Myfile" for append as #FileID
Close #FileID

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mark, when i do that and check the file properties, the modified date is still the same ??
Then use planask's idea. I didn't test it, but depending on the OS the date can change. A file on a Novell server will show an update.

abidsmlAuthor Commented:
the programme you suggested is too complicated to follow but i learned things from it and solved my problem.

thanks all.  
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