Download file withFTP

I just want to download a file via FTP.
Need source code.
Thanks in advance.
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For 3 points?
Oh boy... 3 big, fat, juicy points and no one has jumpped in to answer this one? These experts must be crazy to let this one go unlock'd!
And I thought I was stingy with points!  ;-)

Seriously...he must have meant to set it at 30 points...
don't you think :)
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Bit Cheap don't you think??!!
Dammit.  We could have split the points three ways and given a good answer, now we'll have to do it four ways :)
pablocastaAuthor Commented:
Knowledge doesn't have a price.
OK, please!
I don't have many points, cause I'm a beginner, understand my situation too!
hi pablocasta!

try this URL

there you will find the Internet Component Suite by F. Piette. It's freeware (with sourcecode) and supports FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, Telnet,...

it's a great collection of internet componets.


PS: 7 points is OK ! it's not too cheap!
Help newbies, support them! nobody is born as professionell!
pablocastaAuthor Commented:
Good site, but...
I still want to know how to do it with the controls provided by Delphi 4.
Tell me how to do this and I'll give you the points.
I know knowledge "doesn't have a price", but seriously, if you want someone to actually go into details for you, you need to give them motivation to spend time doing this for you.

There are plenty of examples which are shipped with Delphi which are in the Delphix\Demos folder (depending on what version of Delphi you are using, it maybe in two different locations under the Demos folder).

Search for FTP*.* in the Delphix folder.


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pablocastaAuthor Commented:
I´ll accpet this as an aswer, cause it´s a good tip to take into account in the future.
Thanks for your time.
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