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What is the technological trend of call centers in the future (10 years time)? How will call centers at that time be different with call centers we have today?
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LawrenceYAuthor Commented:
I want to know whether call centers can be applied into the technical help desk field.
>I want to know whether call centers
>can be applied into the technical help
>desk field.

Of course they can. In fact, I am working on the development of a support tool for Nortel's call center system, Symposium.

The call center I am working on is actually a very large help desk center of one of Brazil's largest cell phone operator. Their call center technology is from Nortel, but I've also worked (also developing support tools) on a small call center based on Siemens techologies.

There really isn't how to tell between a call center and a help desk, except the calls centers I know are a superset of what a help desk would be.

I also have had contact (although not much) with call center technology from NEC.

About the future, well, what can I say? It's is impossible to tell where we will be 10 years from now. Would you think, 10 years ago, that communications would be so simple as it is nowadays? Would one believe the Internet would be so spread as it is today? Very few, and I mean *very few* had that on sight in 1989.

If one told me, 10 years ago, that today even my building's janitor would own a cell phone, I'd laugh at him. But it is true. Telcom technologies are changing in a pace it is hard to know what next year's trend will be.

The only wild guess I can make about call centers, is that it will follow whatever trend it is about telecomunications, and, by the looks of it, telecomunications is each time closer to the internet.

I use e-mail than I use the phone in a daily basis (but in the same amount as the cell phone). I even get e-mails on my cell phone. So I guess call centers and help desks will follow these lines: internet, instant messaging, etc.



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