How to Interface another hardware using VB?

hi experts,

Let say i have a sensor that is used to measure a height of a person. I want the data or the hieght to be pass to a VB programm and process it.

Can i do that in VB.

I sorry if its kinda weird, I just wanna know if it is possible in VB. if so how can I do that.

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LewyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As I suggested in my Rejected Answer, Go to

On the frame at the left are several categories you need to explore.
PLC Hardware
PC-based Control Products
Software Products
Operator Interfaces
Sensors & Encoders
Connection System

There are a lot of pictures to show you what these things look like. This sight contains pricing information to give you an idea of the cost. This is the lowest cost in the industry. You can order the stuff you need right there.

If you need further assistance, I offer a class in Automation and I provide assistance for program development. If you are seriously interested I will send you a quote and a rate sheet.

If you get a data acquisition board for your computer, this would be fairly easy.
There are many ways this can be achieved, depending on what it is that your sensor is capable of. Some devices can simply be plugged into the serial port of a PC and you could then monitor this information directly from there or as erick37 says a data acquisition board would work well.
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How is this device conected to computer?

If it is a port VB may handle this but others might just requie driver making first and VC / DDK is a tool for that, can't do drivers whit VB.

Or is this just a electronic component or somekind of a modulle?
There are some multimeters in midle price serie witch got a serial port, this is possible way to translate value to computer and then convert it to weight.

The answer is, yes it is possible. It is done all the time for things other than the height of a person. The first thing you need to consider is the cost. On input would be very expensive. Check out for some small low cost equipment that could get the signal into the PC. There are some options to communicating to these devices. Some can use be used with VB. Let me know if you need more information.
lansing123Author Commented:
thank Lewy's

I just want to know how the data acquisition board function.  Where can I buy that stuff and how to use it on my PC.

lansing 123

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