ppp interface/isp conection

I have just installed redhat 5.2. I have an isp account with
sprint.ca .(of course i have my password:xxxx and login username:yyyyy) My win95 setting: obtain isp automatically.disable dns. use DHCP. My modem(56k)is on com 3. I am a bit confused by some of the terms in the installation manual. it seems to be geared towards a network
installation rather than the typical modem/isp configuration. When i use the netscape browser, i get a message indicating that the server or the url cant be found. no evidence of a dial out. by using the configuration program, i see that a local host and my attempted ppp are installed(by the way the win95/isp uses tcp/ip protocol). What am i doing wrong??  stevenb@sprint.ca    Steve ( if you  need any more info, i'd be glad to provide it)
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Hi Steven,

A few questions:
1)  Exactly what kind of modem do you have?  You have to be wary of winmodems.  They are modems that use software to emulate most of their processes, and they don't work with Linux.

2)  Are you sure your isp uses DHCP?  Most dial-up isp's don't use that.  I've only run into DHCP on networks at work and school.
3)  Are you able to use kppp?

If you have some time on your hands, check out this link.  It's an awsome step by step HOW-TO for ppp.


Happy hacking.
RedHat 5.2 is based on kernel version 2.0.36, so it doesn't support demand dialing.  You have 3 choices.  1) run a ppp dialer utility, such as ezppp, kppp etc. 2) get diald (the auto dialer daemon), or 3) upgrade to the 2.2.x kernel.

RH5.2 is kernel 2.2.x ready.  I run 2.2.9 with it.  Demand dialing works well (Except that my ISP is always busy...)

I agree with srwnstn, DCHP over a Point-to-point link doesn't make much sense, but it is a windows thing.  linuxconf offers settings that include DCHP on the ppp config screen.  The linuxconf Networking screen will have most of the settings you need, much like the "network neighborhood->properties" screen.
download the new rp3 rpm from redhat.  it has a very nice ppp setup which work for most isp dial up connections.  it may not be the setup up are looking for but it is an easy fix to your little headache.

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