Setting an FTP Server

I use DSL for my internet service.  I need to set my computer up so I can FTP in and transfer file from other places to it.  Is there a good program for this and how do I set this up?
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You could try FTP Voyager at which uses an Explorer style interface (useful if you're not familiar with FTP commands).
ollertonk, normally the techs here do not post comments as answers to subjective questions. Doing so locks the questions so that others may not see them. Try posting your comment and allow the questioner to choose the answer to be accepted.
minh_007Author Commented:
FTP Voyager is a client version.  Or I don't know how to set it up as an FTP server.

A little bit more info would be a lot helpful.  Keep it up guys...
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If you interest is only in FTP'ing into somewhere and uploading, then use CuteFTP. On the other hand, if you want to create an FTP server for FTP access in both upload and download, that's a different issue. What would you like to do?
Go to
and search for FTP server.
minh_007Author Commented:
I need to set it up as a server to upload and download
The two most commonly used ftp servers are:

Serv-U 2.5a ( - about $30
WarFTPd 1.7x01.04 - ( - free

90% of private ftp servers use either of these programs as a server. The advantage of WarFTPd, besides being free is that it is highly configurable and powerful. Although it has some bugs.

Serv-U is best for people who are new to ftp servers, it has a cleaner user interface, and in general is easier to set up an maintain. But it lacks some of the funtionality of WarFTPd, such as NT User Subclassing, etc.

Try them both out, chances are you'll like at least one of them.

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