Putting a GIF file into a Notes database

I have notice the following code when I view the source of Lotus.net.
IMG SRC="/files.nsf/lookup/search2/$file/search2.gif"
My question is how does one put a GIF file into a notes database so that the gif file can be accessed as an Image Source?  I have tried pasting a gif file into a webpage and using that as the image source, but that does not seem to work.
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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
u have to create a firm with an RTF field to handle the attachment of the pic files. (Its similar to the technique used in an obsolete product called Domino.Action from Lots).  You the must create a view that will display those form with the attachments (one doc per file), sort the first column (or lookup would fail).
Now u can use the syntax above like Lotus did:
"<IMG SRC= "/db.nsf/theview/columnvalue/$File/filename"
Chris_mAuthor Commented:
How does one get the gif file into the Rich text field
I think the best suggestion is to create a form with 2 fields, one normal, that stores a reasonable name for the file, the other an RTF. u must create a new doc, then u can use drag and drop to attach the file from; ie windows explorer. Or u can click a button with this formula:
@Command([EditGotoField] ; fieldName );
@Command( [EditInsertFileAttachment] )
This will display the dialog box for selecting a file.
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