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what is the exact purpose of java?
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>>what is the exact purpose of java?

Wildly popular due to its interactive multimedia capabilities, Java programming leads the list of Internet development skills in current commercial demand. In this first half of our two-part tutorial on Java applet development, we explore the essentials of Java's components. These include how Java development tools relate to each other and--most importantly--how they are used to provide content that executes on the client side instead of on your server.

Java is an object-oriented programming language that resembles a simplified form of C++. Java code displays graphics, accesses the network, and interfaces with users via a set of capabilities--known as classes--that define similar states and common methods for an object's behavior. Unlike other programming languages, though, Java programs are not compiled into machine code; instead, they are converted into an architecture-neutral bytecode format. This collection of bytes represents the code for an abstract Java virtual machine (VM). In order for these bytes to execute on a physical machine, a Java interpreter running on that physical machine must translate those bytes into local actions, such as printing a string or drawing a button.


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