disk mirroring

can anyone throw light, that how to configure disk mirroring in unix flavor (sun solaris 2.6 )
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BigRonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for the 2nd question, you need to:

DISPLAY=<ip addr of Sun monitor>:0.0
export DISPLAY

Also, you need a "xhost +" command issued as root on the Primary Display.

Could you explain a little more.
Why do you need this disk mirroring?
For a Storadge Array (SSA)?

You can install extra software (Volume manager or Disksuite) to mirror disks.
In case of a diskcrash these programs will use the mirror to keep the machine going....
nkumar111599Author Commented:
my question is obvious,we have a parallel server setup for which we need
disk mirroring setup.Here data is mirrored.so pl explain the basic steps
for it on solstice disksuite.
One more,i have a primary server with
text based monitor.and another server with bitmapped (Sun Monitor)monitor. The thing is i need my Primary server Display to be seen on the Sun monitor.How to achieve it.
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