Help! MAC SE/30, DaynaPort Ethernet

I would like to connect my MAC SE/30 to my home ethernet LAN (2 PC's, Router + Print Server).
I have a Mac SE/30 running System 7.5.3 and a DaynaPort SCSI/Link T NIC.
I currently use Mac TCP 2.0.6 but cannot ping the SE/30's IP address from the local machine (or a remote machine).
Open Transport requires 5MB RAM.
I want to be able to run FTP over my LAN with all machines using TCP/IP, what do I do?!!
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The first thing you have to do is upgrade this machine to 32MB RAM and System 7.5.5 - and be sure to have Mode32 (V7.5) installed.

You're next problem is that the(horrible) network card you have prefers to operate under open-transport...

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bertmacAuthor Commented:
Managed to get everything up and running after all:

System 7.5.5, Mac TCP 2.0.6 only 4MB RAM and lots of help from above! By the way, what is the maximum amount of RAM I can upgrade my SE/30 with, where do I get the memory chips and how do I do it?
The SE/30 can accept 8 x 4MB 30pin SIMM, giving it a maximum of 32MB RAM.

These can be purchased from any mac supplier, but why not ask friends/relatives if they have any lying about...

Bear in mind that the SE/30 can't use 2MB SIMMs and that SIMMs have to be installed in banks of 4.

Fitting them is an entirely different question...
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