Smeebud - Your points on Frustratedman's question

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smeebudConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Dennis,
 Didn't we already do this??

There has been some kind of mix up.

I like points but they should'nt have to come from you.

Bud Allen
Bud's Win95 Win98 Tips and Troubleshooter
dew_associatesAuthor Commented:
Bud, there was no mixu here. Unfortunately no one realized that this question was the culmination of three questions, which explains some of the questioners remarks.

As to the points share, I have (had) 4,000+ points for asking questions, which are aside from my experts score. I can't think of a better way to use them.

Anyway, given the enormous amount of dialogue surrounding this question and the flurry of email, I think I just might sit back and watch for a while.
Ok Dennis,
I still don't remember asking that FMs question be deleted.
I don't know what happened??


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