C:scope,visibility & extent of a variable

     I'm confused about the concepts of scope,visibility and extent of a variable in C.I'M NOT ABLE TO DISTINGUISH ONE
CONCEPT FROM THE OTHER.Please help me.How are they
related with each other ?
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stsatishAuthor Commented:
I'm a beginner in C, I've looked up several books and none
of them have been able to help me out as far as my problem
is concerned.I hope you do.Thankyou.
Scope: means the lines of the code where a variable is valid. So a global variable's scope would be a whole file while a functions variable would be only the lines of a function.
Extent: means the same as scope.
Visibility: refers to whether a variable is global or local.

The following demonstrates a local and a global variable. If this doesn't help as far as your problem is concerned, could you give more detail on your problem?

/* global variables */
int a;  /* this variable may be referenced
             anywhere in this file */

/* prototype for a function */
int otherfunction();

int main()
    /* local variables */
    int b=1; /* this variable may only be
                    referenced in this function */
    a = b;

int otherfunction()
    printf("%d", a); /* valid */
    printf("%d", b); /* invalid */

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stsatishAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your help.Regarding the visibility of a variable:
                Can a local variable become invisible inside the function where it is declared?
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Not at all,  but it can be overridden:

int myfunction()
    int i = 0;
   /* start of block (you can do this to limit scopes)*/
       float i = 4.5;
       /* within this block, i is a long */
    /* end of block, i is an int again. */


hope it h;elps
stsatishAuthor Commented:
Thank you.I'm baffled by the following

  int (*x) [ ];

 Can you please clarify?
sorry, It looks like a pointer to a function and I've always stayed clear of those..

Sorry I couldn't help
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