Install Win98 2nd on Win98 first

I have Windows 98 1st edition installed on my computer.  I have purchased Window 98 Second Edition.  Is there anyway for me to use this CD to upgrade instead of the $20 upgrade CD from Microsoft?
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cumboConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is not quite true.. You should be able to install the 2nd over your present installation by renaming the file in the Windows folder.

Rename it to or something easy to remember. Boot to the command prompt.

Type dosstart to get CD support. Then run setup from the Win98 folder on the cd.

When setup suggests the windows.000 folder to install to, change it to the c:\windows folder.


If the cd that you bought isn't the upgrade cd, then it is impossible to install it over win 98.  Your only choise is to wipe your previous version an install the new one (or to buy the upgrade cd).

All you have to do is either insert the cd and have the autorun.inf start or just start the install process.  This will upgrade it without a problem.  I have done this to 5 machines and have had no problems.
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