how to code an IRC client

hi guys, I want to code up a fairly simple IRC client to use as part of a larger program (so I don't want to use an existing one, which is external to my program). I just want to send/receive strings to/from an IRC channel.

I suppose that the simplest way is to rip off some existing code. Anyone know where I can get some?

Useful URLs are also appreciated.
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arnondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
thanks, but you don't need an answer, just click on the "accept comment as answer" link oon my comment's header.

Arnon David.
which os?
The Lifecycle Approach to Managing Security Policy

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graham_kAuthor Commented:
windows, actually.

Arnon's comment gave me some pretty good links. Not exactly what I hoped for as these are all full blown programns & I really only want a small skeleton which I can drop into a much larger program. I only need simple fucntions - connect/send/receive text/disconnect. It is almost impossible to understand the complex code of these full featured programs.

I will leave this open for a few more days. If there are no skeleton clients for windows reprted here, then Arnon gets some points for trying.
graham_kAuthor Commented:
well, I didn't get the answer that I wanted, so I've moved on to something else.  Like Homer says to Bart in the Spinal Tap episode, "if you try something & your not good at it immdiately - give up".

Since I didn't get a full answer, I ought to delete the question, but Arnon did give me some leads, so I feel that I ought to give him some points. So, if you post an answer you can have the points for this question.
Delphi4 IRC Client Example whit source code:

Ricardo Gomes.
graham_kAuthor Commented:
wow, thank you very much Ricardo, that is very kind of you.  I had put that project to the side & started on something new. Maybe I will go back to it now.
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