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how to code an IRC client

hi guys, I want to code up a fairly simple IRC client to use as part of a larger program (so I don't want to use an existing one, which is external to my program). I just want to send/receive strings to/from an IRC channel.

I suppose that the simplest way is to rip off some existing code. Anyone know where I can get some?

Useful URLs are also appreciated.
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which os?
graham_kAuthor Commented:
windows, actually.

Arnon's comment gave me some pretty good links. Not exactly what I hoped for as these are all full blown programns & I really only want a small skeleton which I can drop into a much larger program. I only need simple fucntions - connect/send/receive text/disconnect. It is almost impossible to understand the complex code of these full featured programs.

I will leave this open for a few more days. If there are no skeleton clients for windows reprted here, then Arnon gets some points for trying.
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graham_kAuthor Commented:
well, I didn't get the answer that I wanted, so I've moved on to something else.  Like Homer says to Bart in the Spinal Tap episode, "if you try something & your not good at it immdiately - give up".

Since I didn't get a full answer, I ought to delete the question, but Arnon did give me some leads, so I feel that I ought to give him some points. So, if you post an answer you can have the points for this question.
thanks, but you don't need an answer, just click on the "accept comment as answer" link oon my comment's header.

Arnon David.

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Delphi4 IRC Client Example whit source code:


Ricardo Gomes.
graham_kAuthor Commented:
wow, thank you very much Ricardo, that is very kind of you.  I had put that project to the side & started on something new. Maybe I will go back to it now.
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