Clustering partitioned servers on 1 AS400 machine ??


I'm a little bit confused. In one of the topics someone said that clustering several partitioned servers on 1 AS400 machine works just fine. But in almost every book on clustering it is said that you can cluster partitioned servers as long as they aren't on the same AS400 machine. Which of the two statements is the right one. We want to use 8 different servers (partitioned and virtual) in clusters on the same AS400 machine. Is this possible ? ?


Glenn Goovaerts
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R_ReedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have configured 6 servers on 1 AS/400 so it can be done.  You have to install Notes on the 400 and select advanced services.  Then when you run cfgdomsvr, make sure you use the *PARTITION parameter.  This parameter will only show if you install the advanced services.  If you are not sure if you've installed advanced services, put the cd in and run the lodrun command.  It will show wether or not the adv. serv. are installed by showing a 1 next to it.  If you need more info I can elaborate further.
GlennGoovaertsAuthor Commented:
Hi Reed,

I still have a couple of questions :

In your reply, you said and I quote "I have configured 6 servers on 1 AS/400 so it can be done.". What do you mean ? Is it possible to put "SEVERAL" parti-
tioned servers "ON THE SAME AS400" in "1 SINGLE CLUSTER" ??  

What about virtual AND partitioned ser-
vers from the same AS400. Can you also cluster them in one single cluster on the same AS400 machine ?

Is it possible to let ICM (Internet Cluster Manager) manage such clusters containing partitioned and virtual ser-vers ? If it is possible, where can I find the procedure for it ? Or, can you enlighten me on the installation, setup and configuration topics ?

Somewhere, someone wrote, that the cur-rent version of ICM CAN manage parti-tioned servers but NO virtual servers ! Is this true and why ?

I allready thank you four your reply and hope that you can give me the answers that I desperately need to finish my small project.


Glenn Goovaerts
1.  When you run cfgdomsvr on the 400, select the *Partition option ( need to have advanced services installed ).  This will create a Notes server, let's say DSMH01/Org.  You then run cfgdomsvr again, use *partition again, and create DSMH02/Org.  You of course have to create server ids prior to doing this.

After doing that, you will have 2 Lotus Notes Servers running on 1 AS/400 box.  As far as clustering goes, sure, you can add both Lotus Notes Servers to a cluster.  Although they're on the same box, they are still separate servers.

2.  I have not used virtual servers... So I can't help you on that one, sorry!

3.  You can use ICM to cluster your servers.  ICM let's you cluster web clients.  Go to to get a redbook regarding clustering.  If there isn't one ( I'm not positive ) I can send you help files.

4.  From above, I haven't used the virtual servers.  If I had to give my best guess, I would say it won't work.

If you need more information let me know, I'm happy to help!
GlennGoovaertsAuthor Commented:
Help files would be much appreciated !!

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