Wizard and SetFinishText

I have created a wizard. I allow the finish button in different pane (it depends on what have been done).

On the first pane I can display either a finish button (if radio button 1 is checked)or the next button (if radio button 2 is checked).

I want to change the text of the finish button from "Finish" to "Open". I used "SetFinishText" function. Unfortunately in this case all the back button dissapear even if I display the next one (with SetWizardButtons).

how can i dispplay this back button after the SetFinishText. (I have already tried to use SetWizardButtons(PSWIZB_BACK | PSWIZB_NEXT); )

Thanks in advance
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Looking at the MSDN documentation, I can safely say that you cannot "undo" this feature of the SetFinishText member function. Here is the excerpt :

void SetFinishText( LPCTSTR lpszText );



Points to the text to be displayed on the Finish command button.


Call this member function to set the text in the Finish command button. Call SetFinishText to display the text on the Finish command button and hide the Next and Back buttons after the user completes action on the last page of the wizard.

rgrandAuthor Commented:
fstab, tks for the answer.
So how can i change the text of the finish button?

The "Finish" button is just another dialog control. So you can use:
GetDlgItem(ID_WIZFINISH)->SetWindowText("You Text Here").
rgrandAuthor Commented:
send me an answer and you've got the points!

Thanks a lot!
See comment.

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