WIN98-System File Checker

How do you know which files to update to when using the System File Checker in win98,
both files are the same version
but they have different dates
example #2
newer version but smaller file size and newer date
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mscobee.

First, when you run SFC, make sure you click on the Settings button and choose to search for both changed and deleted files.

This aside, here are the suggested parameters from Microsoft.

1. If the file is corrupt, or you suspect it to be corrupt, replace it.

2. If the file has been deleted, restore it if possible. You can always remove it if there is a problem.

3. If the versions differ, always select the latest version except for proprietary files. As an example, if you were installing an HP scanner, you wouldn't replace the actual HP drivers unless you replaced them all, however you would always replace the Twain files using those from MS if later.

4. Date issues rarely mean anything as this is effected by "unpack" dates from a CAB file or self-extarcting zip file. Therefore, the file could actually be the same, but since you extracted it today, it would have todays date.

5. When SFC finishes, always run a copy of the log file that it creates, as it will provide you with needed recovery data.

6. Lastly, always use the SFC file backup procedure instead of deleting the file being replaced. In this manner you can always recover from a problem.

What are the file names?

mscobeeAuthor Commented:
I thank you for your response. What bothers me is that the file sizes seem to shrink with a newer version, even if it's minor
Example: v1.5.123 27kb compared to
         v1.5.125 24kb
How is this so?
Most of the time this is due to refinements or a reliance is taken over by another file. This happens frequently.
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