init.ora settings good or bad?

I use Oracle 8.0.5 on Solaris 2.6, with dual SPARC-cpu, 1 Gig of RAM and Raid 0,1 disk drives.

Our anvironment is mixed, OLTP and large Batches.

Are my locks, processes, MTS dispatchers, SGA settings configured correctly, or is there a recipe for disaster I don't see? I'm applying these settings this week, so a quick answer is APPRECIATED.

Unix level settings:
SHMMAX       4,294,967,296
SHMMIN      1
SHMMNI      100
SHMSEG      10
SEMMNS      300
SEMMNI      100
SEMMSL      200            

init.ora settings:
db_block_buffers            30,603
db_block_size                  8,196
db_file_multiblock_read_count      32
distributed_lock_timeout      60
distributed_transactions      0
dml_locks                        200
gc_latches                        4
gc_lck_procs                  1
hash_area_size                  67,108,864
hash_join_enabled            TRUE
hash_multiblock_io_count      8
large_pool_min_alloc            16M
large_pool_size                  32M
lock_sga                        TRUE
log_archive_buffers            4
log_archive_buffer_size      64
log_buffer                        2,163,840
mts_dispatchers                  (DIS=10)
mts_max_dispatcher            10
mts_max_servers                  20
mts_servers                  5
processes                        300
shared_pool_reserved_min_alloc      5k
shared_pool_reserved_size      6,000,000
shared_pool_size            60,000,000
sort_area_retained_size      500,000
sort_area_size                  50,000,000
sort_direct_writes            TRUE
sort_read_fac                  16
sort_write_buffers            4
sort_write_buffer_size      65,536
spin_count                        100
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Decrease the sort_area_size. This is per process. Don't have it more than 10 Mb. I would pick it between 1 and 5Mb. With your current size you may have a lot of OS paging.

Don't use MTS unless you have more than 200 to 300 users.

If you make sort_area_size about 5 Mb, make you shared pool 100Mb.

depending on the number of concurrent users you have you may want to increase the number of db_block_buffers. That is is you have fewer concurrent users increase.

Make dml_lock atleast  1000. This does not cost you anything. Don't want to wait for locks to free up.

Also, set open_cusors to 400

Do you really need such a huge hash_area_size. If you don't do Datawarehouse type star queries, you can probably make do with half or even a fourth of that.

Set pre_page_sga to TRUE

Make sure you set compatible to 8.0.5


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It's so great to have an extra pair of eyes on my work.

This site is a lifesaver!!!!
You'r welcome! And thank you!
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